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Paramount Theme Park


Murcia is still buzzing about Paramount Studios' decision to license an enormous theme park in the heart of the region. Every week more details leak out about the development which promises to change the face of the region and bring an estimated 4 million tourists each year.
To summarise the latest developments, the site has now been designated at Alhama de Murcia, which lies between the regional natural parks of Sierra Espuña and Carrascoy y El Valle the Park. The theme park will cover the area of 109 football pitches and will include a 10 hectare aquatic park and 4 hotels.
For many pundits and investors the new airport and theme park are seen as coming hand in glove to drastically boost both tourism and employment in the area.


24 March 2011
Further detailed plans for the Paramount theme park to be built in Murcia were revealed on Friday. Jesus Samper, President for the company responsible for the project along with executives from Paramount licensing, revealed that the theme park will take four years to construct and will open in 2015. By 2020 the theme park is expected to attract five million visitors per year, that’s 50% more than Porta Ventura, currently Spain’s largest theme park.
The park is to be built on 108 acres of land in Alhama de Murcia just 20 minutes from the new international airport at Corvera which opens early in 2012 and 20 minutes from the beaches of the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor.
The location of the park is just five minutes from the Condado de Alhama resort. With over 300 days of sunshine and an average temperature of 21 degrees in the region, Samper described the park as the “envy of Europe”. The park will feature four main areas.
The first area called “City Adventure” will include three major attractions. One of them will be based on the film Titanic and will feature a huge reproduction of the ocean liner. This area will also host one of three roller coasters to be built in the park based on “The Italian Job” and a virtual reality feature entitled “Mission Impossible”.
The second area, “Lost Valley”, will feature a water ride recreating a trip down the Congo river along with a recreation of the crypt from Tomb Raider and a rollercoaster based on the legend of Beowulf.
Especially designed for children is the “Woodland Fantasy” area. A more tranquil offering, dominated by a large tree and featuring magic workshops and interactive adventures including one based on the “Spiderwick Chronicles”.
Plaza Futura is the cutting edge technology area which will feature Star Trek and a spectacular recreation of “War of the Worlds”. Not for the faint hearted this area will feature a passage of terror based on the feature film “Paranormal Activity”.
The centerpiece of the park will be an avenue flanked by hotels, restaurants and a shopping centre with a pavilion focusing on the attractions of the region of Murcia and Spain.
Over one billion Euros is to be invested in the park which will employ in excess of 10,000 people during the course of construction. The park will also contain an auditorium with capacity for 15,000 people and the largest convention centre in the region of Murcia capable of accommodating over 3,000 people in its main hall.
It had originally planned to re-enter the theme park business with a new opening in Dubai, but the idea stalled when the Emirate's financial markets collapsed.

Spain's tourism chiefs will be hoping the project gives the country a much-needed boost after three years of plummeting visitor numbers.

The park will generate 15,000 new hotels beds in the area and create 20,000 jobs locally.

Rumours of a major new attraction is Spain have been around for months and it is said that popular beach holiday regions Catalonia and Andalucia were also bidding for the park.